Jussi Parikka

Jussi Parikka, researcher.

Jussi Parikka works on contemporary visual culture and operational images alongside questions of environmental media. He has authored several books on the topic including recently Operational Images (2023), Photography Off the Scale (2021, co-edited with Tomas Dvorak), and Living Surfaces (co-authored with Abelardo Gil-Fournier, 2024). Jussi works also occasionally also as a curator having participated for example in the curatorial teams of transmediale 2023 and Helsinki Biennial 2023. Recently, he co-curated with Daphne Dragona the Climate Engines exhibition (October 2023-May 2024) at Laboral, Gijon (Spain). In addition to being affiliated with CIIP, he works at Aarhus University where he leads the Digital Aesthetics Research Centre (DARC) as well as co-directs the Environmental Media and Aesthetics research program.