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A Video Store After the End of the World: The Great Netfix

June 05 – July 03, 2024. Location: Borough Road Gallery, London South Bank University

Set up as a media re-distribution unit, The Great Netfix unfolds as a performative installation that works to reform relations between labour, automation and ownership.

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In Search of Places Lost: screening and talk by Krassimir Terziev and Tsvetelina Hristova

May 17 2024 | 18:30 BST. Location: May Day Rooms, London.

Infrastructural decay and spaces of communal leisure in post-socialist Bulgaria.

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Rolien Hoyng: Models of the climate crisis: the quantitative and the speculative

May 7, 2024 at 13.00 GMT. Location: Online

Guest talk by Rolien Hoyng on the use of models as proxies in climate science.

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Olga Goriunova: Biometrics, Data Abstractions and the Politics of Truth

April 30, 2024 at 13.30 GMT. Location: Winchester School of Art.

Guest talk by Professor Olga Goriunova, cultural theorist working with technological cultures, media philosophy and aesthetics.

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University as Infrastructure: diagramming the systems reliance of higher education

April 16, 2024 | 09:30 CET
Location: Aarhus University

In this workshop we will collaboratively diagram the data and software systems on which all Universities have become dependent.

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Critical Infrastructures and Image Politics – Seminar

April 16, 2024 | 14:15 CET
Location: Aarhus University

Welcome to this seminar with four guest talks on critical infrastructures and image politics by scholars and artists from the UK: Alexandra Anikina, Kwame Phillips, Stephen Cornford, and Geoff Cox.

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Stephen Cornford: Four Million Tonnes per Annum

February 16 – March 23, 2024.
Location: Pound Arts, Corsham

This solo exhibition takes the rate of limestone extraction in North East Somerset as its title. The work considers the relationship between technology and landscape…

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Imani Jacqueline Brown: Black Ecologies

March 12, 2024 at 14.00 GMT. Location: Winchester School of Art.

Imani Jacqueline Brown (b. 1988) is an artist, activist, and architectural researcher from New Orleans, based in London.

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Wednesday 06 March 2024 at 15.00-17.00 GMT. Location: Borough Road Gallery, London South Bank University.

A presentation of CIIP research group at Center for the Study of the Networked Image (LSBU). The seminar will include presentations by the two co-directors of CIIP, Dr Alexandra Anikina and Dr Stephen Cornford, both of whom work between artistic research and theoretical writing.

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The Chronicles of Xenosocialist AI

January 24 – February 10, 2024.
Location: Medialab Matadero, Madrid

A collaborative world-building project led by Alexandra Anikina, aimed at imagining micropolitical narratives, visual cultures, non-state infrastructures and new relationalities of what a potential xenosocialist AI (encountering the human-inhabited Earth) could be, drawing on science fiction methods and decolonial and feminist approaches.

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Federating Research: CIIP x CSNI x DARC

December 01, 2023 | 10:00 GMT
Location: Winchester School of Art

A panel discussion between Dr Alexandra Anikina, Dr Stephen Cornford, Professor Geoff Cox (London South Bank), and Professor Jussi Parikka (Aarhus) on the relationships between image and infrastructure.

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Wesley Goatley: Artificial Intelligence Does Not Exist

November 07, 2023 | 14:00 GMT

Winchester School of Art

Critical artist and researcher Wesley Goatley’s work examines AI technologies and their relations to society, geopolitics, and the climate crisis.

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Remote Vision: Stephen Cornford & Harun Farocki screening

November 06, 2023 | 18:30 AEDT

Cell Block Theatre, National Art School, Sydney

Photographic imaging technologies have long been associated with important historical shifts in art practice.

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Alexandra Anikina: Affective Scroll, Assembly Line

November 06, 2023 | 19:00 CET

Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Alexandra Anikina’s talk in the series Feeds & Flows: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Ephemeral Image Cultures at Bauhaus University Weimar.

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Amy Cutler: Species Piracy

October 24, 2023 | 14:00 GMT Location: Winchester School of Art.

Artist Amy Cutler will discuss her current commission from the Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity.

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