Kristoffer Gansing

Kristoffer Gansing, researcher.

Kristoffer Gansing works across media theory, artistic research and curatorial practice. In his writing and projects, re-considerations of pasts, presents and futures of media aim to inspire transformative change. He has been professor of Artistic Research at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (2020-2023) where he also directed the International Center for Knowledge in the Arts. There, his recently curated symposia have accentuated perspectives beyond normative or Western centered-views on art and knowledge production, such as Not Only: A Symposium on Artistic Research (2021) and Transformative Futures –Re-imaginations of Time, Space and Materiality in Artistic Research (2022). Between 2011-2020, Gansing was artistic director of transmediale, a globally renowned art and digital culture festival in Berlin. He is the co-editor of Across & Beyond: A transmediale Reader on Post-digital Practices, Concepts, and Institutions (2016, w. Ryan Bishop, Jussi Parikka & Elvia Wilk) and The Eternal Network – The Ends and Becomings of Network Culture (2020, w. Inga Luchs). In 2023, he published the short-form book Homegrown, Outsourced, Organised – Network-based Arts and the Technoaesthetics of Infrastructure, which forms part of a larger investigation into shifting media infrastructures and non-extractive practices.